Distributors are afraid for the future of e-cigarettes in Norway


The Department of Health in Norway has notified vendors of e-cigarettes that all pictures and positive reviews of the products must be removed from the website. The last straw for e-cigarettes, say many vendors.

The E-cigarette is a tobacco surrogate/substitute, and is therefore covered by the ban on advertising, says the Deputy Director Hilde Skyvulstad in the Department of Health to VG.

Skyvulstad said this law defines advertising as mass communication aiming to promote sales. This means that violating contractor sites violating the law if they partly contain images of products, trademarks or situation pictures on the websites. It doesn’t matter if the products contain nicotine or not, also the product description should be neutral, she says.

– It will hurt us drastically as a company. At worst, we will have to shut down our business, says Espen Jansen, head of the online store called DampShop.

– We sell only nicotine-free goods as it is what is legal and most products do not look like cigarettes, he says.

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